The Diary of Maud Ashley

I am transcribing (and editing) my great-grandmother’s diary. Her name was Maud, and if you’ve read Family Dinner you’ll notice that she makes an appearance there. Once in a while I come across something really bizarre, such as this entry from June 2, 1940 where she is celebrating her aunt Eliza’s birthday:

Sunday, June 2.
In the morning George, Janet and I went to Montello and got Aunt Eliza. The previous Friday had been her 83d birthday and we took the nearest Sunday to celebrate it. We (our family and Jerry) were all over to Rufus’ for dinner. Olive had made her a birthday cake, the first one she had ever had. Her presents were all piled in her plate. Bernard came after dinner and played the piano and Levi, Agnes, Henry and his girl Betty Little came.

Bernard told us that some time between ten o’clock and three that morning the Ben Methaw’s house had burned down and Ben and a friend (Jim) and Ben’s dog had burned up in the fire. Their bones were taken out the next day.


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