My Interview on The Legacy Radio Show


I had the very good fortune to be a guest on The Legacy Radio Show, a podcast co-hosted by a good friend of mine from the Boo-boo-bus. The Legacy Radio Show is a weekly podcast that is broadcast from a high tech basement studio in the biggest little state in the good ol’ U. S. of A, Rhode Island.

The topic at hand was my novel, Twenty-Five at the Lip and I was quickly fielding questions about the book. I’ll admit that I was pretty nervous as I had heard their previously recorded broadcasts. Their Halloween Special is awesome and these guys know how to keep their audience’s attention. The day following the release on their website my host Nate was pleased to tell me that it had received hundreds of downloads in the few hours that it had been up.

Nothing makes me happier though than being able to give credit where credit is due. I was able to give shoutouts to my incredibly talented cover artist Jenny Johnston who brought us the cover to Twenty-Five at the Lip. My wife Kara also was brought up and I was able to acknowledge her constant support and faith in me. Also receiving shoutouts were my best friends Jameson Bullock and Jordan Gross who contributed to its creation through their sheer presence and constant shenanigans that makes EMS such an awesome topic to write about.

I also got onto the topic of who the book is dedicated to. Someone who had read my book wanted to know who Little Miss White Cloud was and that got me talking about a very dear friend of mine, Morgan. Morgan was an EMT I knew from my days working in Pinellas County, Florida. She passed away a few years ago and because she had been an inspiration for Twenty-Five at the Lip I wasn’t sure that I wanted to publish it. I decided to do it as a tribute to her memory and as a way to immortalize her.

Here is the link,Β

Please like The Legacy Radio Show on all your social media outlets and give them the five stars they deserve on iTunes! Listen in Fridays at 7:30 PM EST. These guys are some seriously awesome people to listen to, but fair warning they are by no means safe for work or the ears of small children!


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