ZOMBIES!!! An alternate premise for You Can’t Go Home Again


Click the link above to read a short original premise for my novel You Can’t Go Home Again

Watchtower_Magazine_English_issuesDebbie is a real sorry character, not in terms of how she is written, but her overall story. She is a recovering Jehovah’s Witness disfellowed from her faith and her family because of an indiscretion and a refusal to atone for it. Some might take this as a jab against religion, and in a way it is an indictment of that secular theology. I would like to come out though and state that I have very few reservations about faith and spirituality. I identify as having a spiritual basis in a Judeo-Christian concept. I believe that faith is a good and healthy thing to subscribe to, but in the case of Debbie we can get an example that not many people truly understand about religion and how dehumanizing it can become. In this case Debbie is a product of her upbringing in a very strict Jehovah community.

chile-zombie-walkThis story is an original idea I had when I started writing You Can’t Go Home Again as a zombie sci-fi piece. I loved the concept, but ultimately the zombie genre is starting to get out played. I believe in writing what I want and this is why I decided to make You Can’t Go Home Again what it is today. Debbie is featured a great deal in the new adaptation and as a character she closely resembles the Debbie in this short zombie piece. You might ask yourself, “Where’s the beef?” but this piece is taking place at the start of the epidemic when many things are unclear as to what is going on.

Don’t worry, they are very present at the ending.


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