Self Promotion and Tuesday’s Gone: Chapter Two – the first section

I’ve been working toward some semblance of promotion since becoming an author. I was seeing a lot of folks on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. posting advertisements about their writing and their blogs. What I didn’t know was how I was how to go about creating advertisements. Through some trials and tribulations in operating the image program on my Macbook I’ve come around to some interesting advertisement ideas.

Calvin 1

Naturally when it comes to images you need to have the rights to them and I may have skirted this issue on a handful of images, however I’ve now figured out how to use a free image page to help promote my books. Tuesday’s Gone is particularly difficult because it’s a period piece and I don’t have too many things from the 1920s that are in good visual condition.

Past Master's Bible

This picture is of my grandfather’s Past Master’s Bible on a table in their living room. I launched it this past Tuesday (Tuesday’s Gone Tuesday), and it was met with some resounding success. Most interestingly on the NaNoWriMo Facebook board was that somebody mentioned that it might have been the first time that someone used Masonic material in a post. If not, it would most likely be the first time someone use it in an honorable fashion. Masonry has a sordid history at times, but that history often seems to come from those on the outside speculating about what men in a locked and guarded room might be up to.

Don’t be afraid to ask, we’re more than happy to tell you about our fraternity.

In fact Freemasonry plays a huge role in Tuesday’s Gone. I’ve put a lot of symbolism into the text and Masonry plays an important role from the very outset of the narrative to the end. I did have a concern about people reading my book and confusing the fraternal elements in it with another popular fraternal grSilent Movie word card Tuesday's Gone copyoup popular in the American South in the 1920s… Let me clarify – it is NOT that group. Though I did come up with a particularly interesting photo promo based on a D. W. Griffith silent movie word screen.

Twenty-Five at the Lip has been infinitely easier to create promotional images for. This is due largely to the fact that Twenty-Five is a contemporary piece and, let’s face it, I have a lot of access to ambulances and the area that the story takes place in. Ultimately the promo pictures for Twenty-Five are a lot of fun to write, just as much as Tuesday’s Gone. It allows me to not only help promote my work, but also breathe a bit of life into it.

Carley's introduction How do you feel about Nickelback

My artist Jenny from Jenny Johnston Illustration has shown me a preliminary image for the official cover of Tuesday’s Gone and I am wicked psyched, to use my best New England vernacular. About a week or so before the official release I’ll be posting the cover, but this will also be the fist time I simultaneously release the paperback copy with the Kindle version. In addition to this I may also format Twenty-Five at the Lip for other outlets like iBooks, Nook, and other e-readers.

In the mean time, here’s a look at part of Tuesday’s Gone, Chapter Two, first section…If you haven’t read the first chapter yet feel free to catch up on Tuesday’s Gone, Chapter 1

Tuesday's Gone new cover photo


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