Writing Projects I’m Considering

NanowrimoWith NaNoWriMo around the corner the last thing I should be doing is trying to figure out what novels I’d like to write. Or maybe it should be the other way around? Either way I know for sure that I have two novels that will be released next year that are directly related to Twenty-Five at the Lip and Tuesday’s Gone.

Don’t Look Back in Anger is one such project. Already written and in the editing phase it is actually a sequel to Twenty-Five at the Lip and partly Tuesday’s Gone as well. Don’t Look Back in Anger has characters taken directly from Twenty-Five in Richard Henry, the night shift dispatch supervisor, as well as a cameo by Valerie LeClaire. It takes place about two years after the events in Twenty-Five at the Lip.

Now I say “A” sequel because I don’t see why there can only be one. This isn’t Highlander. The fact is that people have been asking about an actual sequel to Twenty-Five at the Lip. At first I was opposed to the idea, but if that’s something people want I could consider it. The problem is, what would that consist of? If I followed the most common suggestion about a Twenty-Five sequel, it would basically undo a lot of the lessons learned in the original book. This is why I’m more open to writing sequels that are related to, pull from, and feature characters from other books, but isn’t necessarily “Part II”.

Just Say Maybe is a prequel in the sense that Don’t Look Back in Anger is a sequel. While much shorter than either of them (especially Don’t Look Back in Anger which tops out at over 400 pages so far…) I’m going for a publication that is short and sweet, but can draw in some different audiences than I might have gotten normally. It’s a different arena than what many readers might expect from an author with my leanings, but it’s authentic and real to my soul. I expect this to be a great success and open up some doors for readers who might not have considered my books before.

I’ve been spitballing some notions for anthologies based on Twenty-Five at the Lip and Tuesday’s Gone. Presumably Don’t Look Back in Anger would also have an anthology, but Just Say Maybe might make it into the Twenty-Five one rather than get one of its own. We shall see.

The anthology projects will be as close as we get to an actual sequel to any of these works. I’ve been working on some pieces that mirror Twenty-Five, particularly the story of Jeremy and Carley. I also have all the original Ashley Barnes out takes that didn’t make it into the book set aside which might be the nursing companion to Twenty-Five.

The anthologies would be a series of short stories that compliment the original text. I already have two short stories written for Tuesday’s Gone and have some concept notes for others. Tuesday is only eight years old in her novel and I suspect that she is going to have a long life ahead of her.

This brings me to NaNoWriMo 2016. Under Jeremy Brinkett I have started the You Can’t Go Home Again project, which was completed last NaNoWriMo, but honestly isn’t what I had hoped to make it. I might to a major revision and overhaul of that, taking a different route that isn’t quite so obvious. It will still hit the same notes, but perhaps with a bit more tact…

James Windale is the author of Twenty-Five at the Lip and Tuesday’s Gone. Both are available on Amazon. Click the photos below to be redirected to their Amazon links!

IMG_2067 Official Tuesday's Gone Kindle Cover


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