End of the Year Thoughts

Sorry for not giving you all a post last week. Things were a little stressful with a cold that I got, probably from work. The good news is that I’ve been getting a tremendous amount of feedback about Just Say Maybe, and as soon as I get brave enough to try and create a complete cover on my computer I’ll sit down to do just that!

NaNoWriMo was, as always, a tremendous drain on my writing exploits. Having to sit down and produce fifty-thousand words in 30 days is a daunting task to say the least. I do have a few short stories based upon Twenty-Five at the Lip and Tuesday’s Gone that will be coming out in the coming year in addition to Just Say Maybe and The Delirium though, so 2016 is going to be a real banner year!

It’s not quite the end of the year yet, but I’ve collected a few thoughts that I’d like to share with you all.

I think I have finally began to make that mental conception of what sort of writer I am. I’m not Hemingway, though there are things about him that I do like to emulate, such as writing, fishing, and being incredibly pro-2A. That said, I read an interesting character study on him in Field and Stream and to say the least he was really not the sort of person I would like to hang out with. Honestly I think he’d be that guy at fishing camp who ruins the trip for everyone. Those certain traits  of his though, like his love of writing and the outdoors are things that are incredibly important to me.

Mrs. Windale and I made the incredible drive from Rhode Island to Florida in July, a trip I NEVER want to make again. We’d been back and forth about returning to Florida since we’d gotten engaged, but decided that the work opportunities for both of us in our chosen fields are more plentiful here than in the cold North. We also like the way of life here as well and we’re happy to be transplanted New Englanders.

I’ve managed to write two novels this year, for what it’s worth. I completed Tuesday’s Gone and added an additional thirty thousand words to it from January to March before I started to edit it. Just Say Maybe was started in March and I started and stalled with it until I got to Florida where I managed to really get in touch with my characters and see them through to the end of their journeys.

Add that to the eighty thousand words between April NaNoWriMo and NaNoWriMo in November and that adds at least another novel in word length. Those are entirely short stories and novellas though.

Lisa as SnuffyI liked my previous job, but it was definitely time to move on. I had taken it as far as I could  without pay raises and a glass ceiling. I wasn’t going anywhere unless I left. It broke my heart to leave though and I made a lot of really good friends, with some amazing people as inspiration to boot!

My new job is everything and more that I could have hoped for. I love the people I work with and I will admit that it is refreshing to be reminded that what I do matters and that my management and the nursing staff find me to be a valuable asset in the department. Twenty-Five at the Lip is really starting to catch on with the nursing staff and even the local EMS crews are starting to get into it, which is awesome because of course they are all my target audience.

The coming year will have a lot to look forward to. The wonderful thing about the new year is that it’s a blank slate for all of us, even if your options are limited. I’m hoping for a lot of writing in the coming year along with some additional releases in short stories, novelettes, novellas, and a novel. Part of the trick though is marketing, something I’ve been learning a lot about.

To help with this, I’ve started a campaign to help me get more likes on venues like Facebook, Instagram, etc. On Facebook I’m going to be giving away several signed copies to fans who follow my page when I get to 500 likes. I’m in the low 300s right now, but since I’ve started the campaign I’ve actually put on over 50 new followers!

James Windale’s Facebook Author Page

The thing is, you have to decide why you are writing, and what sort of writer you want to be. Realistically speaking none of us are going to be Hemingway or Austin. I don’t need to be famous or rich, I want people who’ve read my work to feel what I have felt.

Have a good rest of December and a great new year!


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