Promotional Contest!

I’ve been anxious to do another giveaway that was combined with a bit of promotion as well. After talking with an artist friend of mine she gave me a brilliant idea.

From Monday July 18th to Wednesday July 20th Twenty-Five at the Lip, Tuesday’s Gone, Bright Lights and Cold Steel, and Just Say Maybe are free to download on Amazon – there is more though…

I’m going to do a contest with the interest of getting my readers insight into my work. I’m looking for any art inspired by my four books, short stories, promo pictures, music, or even short films – anything to do with my works. Work will be judged by myself and my staff and the winner will receive a complete set of the signed works of James Windale. Runners up will also receive signed copies of my books as well.

This also has an alternative agenda. I discussed at some length during my interview with G from The EMS Lounge about using art to mitigate PTSD and the effects of EMS, Fire, Police, military, and nursing work. Art is very much therapy and I encourage any and all emergency providers to engage in painting, writing, music, or anything that allows you to put what’s on your mind into something meaningful and helps to curb the effects of this sort of mental trauma.

The contest starts today and goes till Labor Day. Chances are I will do this again if I get a good turnout. Best of luck to you all and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Twenty-Five at the Lip

Tuesday’s Gone

Bright Lights and Cold Steel

Just Say Maybe
My Interview with The EMS Lounge (with pictures)


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